What Really Causes Life Rage

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Is Life Rage Getting to You?

What comes to mind when I say rage?  

Rage is furious, uncontrolled anger usually directed towards a person or group of people. It can arise from the smallest of incidents, turning a minor issue into a major problem. Life rage is usually based upon not one, but the build up of multiple incidences that leads a person to a breaking point. So what is fueling all this life rage? Turns out, there are many causes that lead someone to this path.


We all want to win, right? Being at the top gives you some authority over others and makes you feel in control. But when that power is threatened, life rage comes into play. Not having control over events in life, leads people to seek out ways to gain power again, causing them to lose themselves and often leaving relationships damaged beyond repair.


Credit cards are easy to obtain and use. Before you know it you can wind up thousands of dollars in debt. In a Detroit Free Press poll, 40% of respondents said they cannot afford everything they need to live a comfortable life. When you work a full time job and see others with the possessions you want, it’s hard not to get angry that you don’t have enough money to purchase the things you want or need.

Substance Abuse

Drugs and alcohol affect people from all walks of life. It can lead to behavioral, emotional and financial problems, causing life rage. Addiction can permeate in the workplace, at school, in our homes and within society as a whole. Gang wars, prostitution, murder, drug and sex trafficking and theft destroy neighborhoods and homes. It can be a gateway to a life of crime; always doing something extreme to get the next fix. This altered state can lead the mind to think life is not fair and you deserve more.

Lack of Responsibility

We all know that one person that just won’t take responsibility for any of their actions. They blame everyone but themselves for their problems, even though most of their issues are self-inflicted. Lack of responsibility can start as early as childhood. Kids that talk back, don’t pick up after themselves or bully others are likely to carry that behavior into adulthood.

Technology and Change

Technology is changing so fast most of us can’t keep up. Phones are getting smarter and TVs are getting thinner.  Over 90% of adults and 56% of children ages 8-12 have cell phones.

When I was young, we had one telephone that was connected to the wall with the long curly cord. You could make calls and receive calls, that was it. Everyone knew how to use one because that was the only type of phone that existed.  

With changes in technology comes fast living and added stress. We can get things done faster and connect with the rest of the world with the click of a button. Jobs are expecting more out of people because they know smartphones are usually always on a person. In fact, many individuals never leave their smartphone out of sight or turned off.


Even though we are out of the recession, the need for the need for skilled, college educated employees is where the growth lies. With production and manufacturing is being outsourced overseas, there are less unskilled and manufacturing jobs in America.

With all the changes in the economy, the elderly can’t afford to retire at an early age. Often, people have to work overtime to support their families, which can take a toll on family life. The longer hours mean more stress and less time on leisurely activities.

Solitariness and Alienation

We are becoming a nation of the unattended. Both children and adults seem to be constantly glued to their smartphones, music players, computers or TV. This leaves children with underdeveloped social skills. They can become isolated and alienated from peers.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an increasing issue not only in our country, but around the world. People lash out because of life rage and unfortunately, the ones they love see the brunt of their anger.


This is said to be one of the most common fears in the world, yet no one really choses to deal with it. Hate crimes fueled by racism, religious intolerance, homophobia and immigration are in the news every day. I’ve personally seen people physically fearful of standing next to someone in line that is from a different culture or race. We tend to blame a whole religious group or race for the wrongdoings of one person from that group. Social and economical issues make people paranoid and fearful for their lives.

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