The YOU in Business

Positive Attitude is Key

The most important asset in any business is its’ people. It sounds cliché and a bit obvious, but it is absolutely the truth. As an individual you can influence others and work with others to be successful. However, unless you “own it” and realize YOU have the power, success can never truly be achieved. The YOU in business is the most important part of business, make no mistake.

Attitude is Everything

Success starts with YOU. If you choose to succeed you will, there is no denying it. In a previous blog we talked about The Law of Attraction, like attracts alike things. The best way to harness the power of The Law of Attraction is to adopt a positive attitude.

Attitude is established by the little voice inside your head. It is a very powerful force that must be acknowledged. What does your inner dialog sound like on a day-to-day basis? Listen to it. Does it tell you that you are smart, full of good ideas and capable? If not, the good news is this is the easiest thing to change because, guess what, you have control over it!

It is said that the loudest voice in any room is the one that speaks inside your head. Don’t ignore it. If you don’t like what you hear change it. It is worth the effort, believe me. By choosing to have a positive attitude YOU are able to:

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Lead others by setting a positive example
  • Overcome obstacles

These are essential skills to acquire, because in business you will encounter failure. How you deal with that failure is directly related to your attitude. Choose a positive attitude, and you are able discover positive outcomes as a result.

Network Growth

Once your “head’s on straight”, the YOU in business must interact with people. My favorite mantra is to:

“Meet people! Meet people! Meet people!”

Without meeting new contacts and establishing relationships on an ongoing basis, business success will forever elude you.

The best thing YOU can do to grow your business is network. It has more impact than education and marketing put together because it happens everywhere, all the time. Think about it; unless you stay home by yourself every day, there are networking opportunities everywhere.

  • Business Networking; business associations, Toastmasters, investment clubs, local chambers of commerce, etc.
  • Informal Networking; standing in line in a store, sporting events, meeting people through your kids, etc.
  • Digital Networking; any social media channel such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, EventBrite, MeetUp, SnapChat, etc.

Talking to someone you don’t already know is networking, plain and simple. The more you do it, the better you get at it. As humans we are very social creatures, so embrace that part of our nature and start talking to others. The more people you talk to, the more people you’ll know. An important point to remember is the power of networking goes beyond just who you personally meet; it’s who the person you meet knows!

Personal Touch

The YOU in business has control over how you interact with others. Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten note? I bet you can, because someone took the time to actually write a note, put it in an envelope and mail it – amazing. Not everyone takes the time to personalize interactions, but the YOU in business can set yourself apart by doing so. Here are other ways YOU can demonstrate a personal touch:

  • Remember names; I know this is a hard one for some people, but boy does it make an impression when you refer to someone by their name
  • Note personal facts about others’ lives
  • Make someone else look good instead of yourself

Now listen carefully; there is something very simple that is sometimes forgotten. It is the most powerful way to show personal touch in business. Always use the two most important words in business: THANK YOU. They are important to life in general, but how refreshing is it when gratitude is expressed in the business world. A genuine THANK YOU expresses a positive attitude and builds relationships. Make sure the YOU in business uses this personal touch to enhance your interaction with associates, customers and prospective partners.  

Want to Learn More About The YOU in Business?

Contact Tim to schedule the Tim’s Talk The YOU in Business or call Tim at 330-730-3524. If you would like to read more about this subject, order a copy of Tim’s book, The YOU in Business. Tim will sign it and ship it to you or you can come by his office between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday to obtain the book. The cost is $20 plus shipping and handling. Order your copy today!

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