It’s the Little Things that Win and Keep Customers

Key to Success is to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always get new customers and how they keep those same customers year after year?  It’s really not as complicated as you may think. The secret is good old common courtesy! Showing respect and genuine good will towards your customers goes a long way to assuring they will remain your loyal customers.

Small Opportunities Translate Into Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Have you ever tried to find a replacement part for something obscure? I have. It was the plastic covering on one of my thermostats. It fell off and someone in my family threw it away by mistake. I couldn’t find one in any hardware stores and I didn’t want to buy a whole new thermostat just for the plastic cover.

I tried to find one by contacting heating and air conditioning companies. I asked company after company, to no avail. They all stated that they come across these covers all the time, so I left my business card asking them to follow up with me when they did. Fast forward to one year later and one of those businesses called me and told me they had a replacement cover for me. I was very impressed! As a result, I have since given that company all my company’s heating and cooling business, as well as giving them thousands of dollars’ worth of referrals.

The lesson here is to take extra care with the little guy, because you never know how powerful their word-of-mouth advertising can be for your business. Potential customers can Google your business and read customer reviews, but the reality is that the recommendation from a trusted source carries the most weight.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

There are several companies out there that are excellent at nurturing customer loyalty and satisfaction. One is L.L.Bean. Not only do they pride themselves on the quality of their products (“100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”), they follow up on it too! For example, if you have a twenty year old pair of L.L.Bean duck boots that you feel should be in better shape than they appear, just ship them back to L.L.Bean stating that you are not satisfied and they will send you a refund or a brand new pair of duck boots. That’s it! The search bar on their website is even customer-oriented by stating “What can we help you find?”

Follow the example set by L.L.Bean and provide exceptional service to your customers. It’s easier to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new customer. They’ve already decided to do business with you, so take good care of them!

Timothy Dimoff Knows How to Treat Customers

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