Uninsured Mototrist

How to Address the Issue of Uninsured Motorists

As America prepares for one of the largest travel days of the year – the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – lawful drivers must beware of the uninsured driver. Although Ohio does not have one of the highest number of uninsured driver rates, the financial impact these illegal drivers present to insured drivers and Ohio residents in general is cause for action. Uninsured Driver Statistics The problem of the uninsured motorist is a runaway train that is NOT fair to all law-abiding citizens. Ohio has the 17th highest uninsured driver rate in the United States, equating to 13.5% of all Ohio motorists. The number of uninsured drivers is based upon insurance claims by insured drivers injured by uninsured drivers against claims where both parties were properly insured. However, those are only the uninsured drivers we know about. The number of uninsured motorists in Ohio is estimated to be much higher, as...

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