Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

As a former award-winning narcotics detective and SWAT team member, Timothy Dimoff utilized his vast law enforcement experience when founding SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. 25 years ago. 

Timothy Dimoff is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  This is a designation that is recognized worldwide as the highest achievement accorded to a security practitioner. He is also a  TASA Group registered legal expert in human resources, management training, police and corporate security procedures.

He is recognized in the United States and Canada as an expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation, and provides crime commentary and profiling analysis on national television programs and newspaper outlets. To find out more about Tim, click here

Below is a sample of Timothy Dimoff's most recent interviews as a national expert to various news outlets.

03/06/2017| News5 | Serial Burglary Suspect Captured After Canal Fulton Police Place GPS Tracking Device on Car

Police procedure expert Tim Dimoff told News 5 that hiding a tracking device on a car requires either permission from the owner or a search warrant signed by a judge.

02/21/2017| Cleveland19News | How to Pick a Safe Summer Camp for Your Kids

Dimoff says to make sure the camp does thorough background checks on their staff, search the internet for any comments or information anyone may have posted on the camp and ask questions like, how long have members of their staff have been with the camp? Having long time employees tells you something about the level of commitment on the part of the staff - and may give you an idea of how well run the camp is.

02/14/2017| Cleveland19News | 3 Things to do to Stay Safe During a Bank Robbery

1. Freeze. Don't move or do anything to spook the robbers.

2. Comply. Protect yourself by doing everything the robbers say.

3. Observe. Help investigators by using your eyes and ears to notice everything.

02/07/2017| KSLANews12 | Can a Police Officer Tell You Not to Record an Arrest or Traffic Stop?

"A policeman has the right to tell you to stop recording in only an extreme case," said Tim Dimoff, a former police officer and security expert.

01/20/2017| NEWSRADIO WTAM 1100AM | Wills and Snyder in the Morning

National security expert Tim Dimoff told NEWSRADIO WTAM 1100AM about security measures and the rights of protesters during the US Presidential Inauguration, “they [security officials] are being proactive and saying if you want to protest it is your right in the United States, but we also have rules about what you can carry in, here's what you can and can not do..."

01/10/2017| News5 | Funding Agreement Pulled for Cleveland Police Dash Cameras

Former police detective and national security expert Tim Dimoff told News 5 that the technology would help pay for itself over time.  

“In the end, you save a lot of money from pays offs, from fighting litigation, from defending lawsuits,” Dimoff explained. 


01/09/2017| Cleveland19News | Security Expert, to Homeowners: Don't Make It Easy for Intruders

Security expert Tim Dimoff says leaving doors unlocked, windows open, or having poor locks contribute to thefts.

"Criminals don't take on things that take a lot of effort," he said. "A lot of time, or a lot of resistance into entering a home -- it is usually done because we make it easy to get in."


01/06/2017| News5 |Could Security Measures Change at U.S. Airports After Ft. Lauderdale Mass Shooting?

Akron security expert Tim Dimoff told News 5 he believes there could be a restriction on ammunition in checked bags that also contain a gun in the future.


12/27/2016 | Cleveland19News | Security Expert Fears Mall Disturbances Were 'Tip of an Iceberg'

“I believe that shopping areas and malls are going to be more of our soft targets, tested targets (in 2017). I think we're going to see a lot more commotion there,” said Dimoff.


Tim is Available for Media Interviews

Please feel free to call 330-730-3524 or email Tim at tim@timothydimoff.com if you would like to schedule a time for him to interview with your TV, Radio or Newspaper reporter. He is available 24/7.