Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

As a former award-winning narcotics detective and SWAT team member, Timothy Dimoff utilized his vast law enforcement experience when founding SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. 25 years ago. 

Timothy Dimoff is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  This is a designation that is recognized worldwide as the highest achievement accorded to a security practitioner. He is also a  TASA Group registered legal expert in human resources, management training, police and corporate security procedures.

He is recognized in the United States and Canada as an expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation, and provides crime commentary and profiling analysis on national television programs and newspaper outlets. To find out more about Tim, click here

Below is a sample of Timothy Dimoff's most recent interviews as a national expert to various news outlets.

07/07/2017 | Fox8News | When it Comes to Medical Marijuana Applications in Ohio, the Best Plans Win

Dimoff says three years ago he was opposed to medical marijuana but after studying it in detail he strongly believes it may not only help some patients but it may also ease problems with opioid addiction that are plaguing the state.

06/19/2017 | Cleveland19News | Tips to Protect Yourself in a Parking Garage

Dimoff says if you can, it's safer to park on an open parking lot. If you need to park in a ramp, be sure to check out your surroundings.

"They should be looking around, 360 degrees the whole time that they are walking, instead of walking in a tunnel, they almost on purpose narrow their vision down, which makes them very attractive as a victim," added Dimoff.

05/25/2017 | News5 | Cell Phones Are Taken Away at Some Cleveland Concert Venues, So What Happens During an Emergency?

Tim Dimoff, a security expert and analyst, said the cell phone ban is fine in places with good security. However, venues that prohibit cell phones but don't have good security pose a risk.

05/09/2017 | News5 | Top 10 Things That Make Your Northeast Ohio Vehicle a Vandalism Target

"Small crime can be related to a lot of the drug an alcohol epidemic that's taking place," Dimoff said. "In almost 80 to 90 percent of the vandalism cases, the people will say they had valuables in plain sight and they left the car unlocked."

05/02/2017| News5 | 'All clear' Given at Cleveland Hopkins Airport After Bomb Squad Responds

"I’d have to give them a B+,” Dimoff said. “They responded. They didn’t shut down everything and cause a major problem, but on the other end they respected the fact that it could be something and they needed to figure out what it was. They brought the dog in. They brought the experts in.”

05/01/2017| California Lawyer | The 6 Biggest Hidden Security Risks Threatening Your Business

“Every business today, no matter its size or type, faces very real security risks. Risks that can cost you time, money and even legal problems.” 

04/24/2017| News5 | New Security Measures at Cedar Point for 2017 Season

“Anytime you outwardly display security or that you are engaging and embracing security you will reduce the likelihood of an incident happening.” Dimoff said.

04/06/2017| Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com |Prosecutor: ‘Inappropriate to Draw Conclusions’ in Death of Township Trustee Bryon Macron, Who Was Stabbed and Slashed

“Any time you have an aggressive attack that involves an edged weapon like a knife, obviously the person attacking is trying to cut and stab and kill someone,” Dimoff said.

04/04/2017| Cleveland.com | Recent String of Violent Cleveland-Area Robberies Mimic Hollywood Heists

Security expert, Akron-based Timothy Dimoff, said the takeover-style robbers use fear to make bank employees move quicker.

"They want to get in, get a chunk of money, and make it fast and furious," Dimoff said.  

Tim is Available for Media Interviews

Please feel free to call 330-730-3524 or email Tim at tim@timothydimoff.com if you would like to schedule a time for him to interview with your TV, Radio or Newspaper reporter. He is available 24/7.