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Timothy Dimoff | Speaker and Emcee

Tim's engaging and thought-provoking presentations are sure to enlighten, inform and move your audience into taking action on critical issues such as workplace risks, substance abuse, security matters, and even societal threats from a growing population of people dealing with rage.

Timothy A. Dimoff is the Founder and President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. He is considered one of the nation's leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues, security, vulnerability assessments, terrorism, and crime.

Timothy Dimoff | National Expert Witness

He is nationally recognized for his expertise in developing training programs for corporations, law enforcement, security agencies, and other organizations. His expertise includes high-risk and security concerns, human resource issues, corporate investigations, liability challenges from hiring to firing, drugs and substance abuse, identity theft, law enforcement procedures, and victim justice.

Tim is also an expert witness in court cases and media analyses about violent crimes.

Timothy Dimoff | Author

Dimoff is the author of three books: How to Recognize Substance Abuse, The YOU in Business, and Life Rage.

Life Rage

Life Rage by Timothy DimoffThis book is a chilling examination of how societal rage has grown to epidemic proportions in this country.

The You in Business

The You in Business by Timothy Dimoff

This fun-to-read book for anyone who manages or owns a small business.

How to Recognize Substance Abuse

How to Recognize Substance Abuse by Timothy DimoffThis book reveals a darker, grittier side of American culture that many people never see.