Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

Timothy Dimoff | National Expert

As a former award-winning narcotics detective and SWAT team member, Timothy Dimoff utilized his vast law enforcement experience when founding SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. 25 years ago. 

Timothy Dimoff is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  This is a designation that is recognized worldwide as the highest achievement accorded to a security practitioner. He is also a  TASA Group registered legal expert in human resources, management training, police and corporate security procedures.

He is recognized in the United States and Canada as an expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation, and provides crime commentary and profiling analysis on national television programs and newspaper outlets. To find out more about Tim, click here

Below is a sample of Timothy Dimoff's most recent interviews as a national expert to various news outlets.

12/02/2017 | News5 | Car Thieves Use Technology to Steal Cars with Key Fobs and 'Push to Start'

"Everybody should be made aware that if you do have a fob, it can be copied, regenerated and utilized," said Dimoff.

"What you're doing is taking the key signal, boosting it, and sending it to another booster.  That booster then works on the car."

11/08/2017 | Cleveland19News | Amazon Key Now Available in Cleveland

However, Dimoff said he's hopeful for a few reasons, including the Cloud Cam Amazon uses with the system.

"I think the fact that they're monitoring it with a camera, that's the whole difference. If they were doing this without that camera monitoring, then I would tell you this is a very unsafe direction to go," he said.

10/05/2017 | News5 | Surge in Security at Indians Playoff Game Following Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Dimoff says Sunday’s mass shooting changed everything. When events are held at open air venues like Progressive Field, police now have to check surrounding buildings, in addition to securing the stadium itself.

“They’re going to start to monitor the buildings, who’s going in those buildings and any kind of unusual behavior such as someone on a roof, windows being opened, those types of things,” said Dimoff.

10/02/2017 | News5 | Local Security Expert Says Las Vegas Shooter Had Previous Experience with Weapons

Dimoff strongly believes Paddock had previous experience with weapons 

“Definitely good experience in previous police, military, hunting that type of person. This wasn’t someone who grabbed a gun for the first time,” Dimoff said.

10/02/2017 | 3WKYC Jim Donovan Show | Protecting Yourself and Your Children Part of Complex Issues After Las Vegas Shooting

“In these types of situations, stay low and move, and if you do move in a zigzag manner toward something that can protect you,” said security expert, Tim Dimoff.

09/26/2017 | News5 | Woman Fights Off Attacker in Public Square Parking Garage

“If you’re not paying attention, or you’re alone, you have a higher rate of being a victim,” said security expert, Tim Dimoff.

09/17/2017 | Cleveland Patch | Family Remembers Man Killed By Stow Police, Says Death was Avoidable

"Shut the door and let him stay in the cruiser until you have some safe assistance," said Timothy Dimoff, a former SWAT officer who regularly testifies as an expert witness in court cases. "When you're involved with the mentally disturbed, you need to have other officers there before you continue."

09/11/2017 || Medical Marijuana Concerns for Employers

Medical marijuana is now legal in many states and many other states are considering legalizing it. This creates a host of issues and questions, legal and otherwise, that employers must address.

08/29/2017 | Cleveland19News| Akron Police Avoid Specifics Regarding Teen Who Killed Himself in Cop Car; Cleveland 19 Pursuing Answers

“Pat downs are not the easiest thing to do, they're not the most efficient thing, 100% efficiency, so it's not a surprise to me that we have instances periodically where a weapon is found later on,” said Dimoff.  “Short of a strip search you've got no 100% guarantee of finding anything.”

08/08/2017 | 21WJMJNews| Former Tim Ryan Office Employee Fired Amid Investigation

An Akron area security expert believes authorities are likely digging into what files they could have accessed. "It's crucial to know currently if any of those devices have information on it," said Tim Dimoff, SACS Security. Dimoff believes authorities will have to re-trace the steps of the subjects under investigation to determine if any possible criminal activity took place.

Tim is Available for Media Interviews

Please feel free to call 330-730-3524 or email Tim at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a time for him to interview with your TV, Radio or Newspaper reporter. He is available 24/7.