Meet Tim

Tim Dimoff, Timothy Dimoff, Author

Tim Dimoff is considered one of the nation's leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues. He is a speaker, author and consultant.

As a consultant to human resource directors, law enforcement and the media, Dimoff has been called upon to examine evidence from crime scenes, victims and witness reports to develop an offender profile.

Tim Dimoff: National Expert

He is a nationally recognized expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation. Over the last several years, Tim has traveled all over the United States to testify in cases involving law enforcement and security issues. Currently, he is also available via video conferencing if the court allows it.

Previous Experience

A former award-winning narcotics detective and SWAT team member, Dimoff utilized his vast law enforcement experience when founding SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. in 1989.


He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  This is a designation that is recognized worldwide as the highest achievement accorded to a security practitioner. He is also a The TASA Group registered legal expert in human resources, management training, police, and corporate security procedures.

Dimoff holds a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology, emphasizing criminology, from Denison University. He resides in Northeast Ohio with his wife, Michelle.

He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for COSE, is a member of the Greater Akron Chamber, President of NSME Akron Canton, and member of ASIS Akron Canton. He is a past board member and current supporter of the Victim Assistance Program. He also serves on the board for Values in Action.

Contact Tim Today

Please give him a call at 330-730-3524 or click on Tim's Talks page to learn more about his broad expertise.