Air Rage Lawsuits

Understanding Your Rights as a Passenger in Air Rage Cases

Passengers Behaving Badly Do you have any rights if you are traveling by air on a domestic airline and another passenger starts acting up?  What are your rights in the event you are a victim of air rage? Who is responsible for your safety? Air rage is a concern for everyone and it has been receiving a lot of attention. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), an airline industry body, reported that your odds of finding yourself in an airborne nightmare are increasing, with “unruly passenger incidents” on board aircraft increasing 14% in 2015 compared to the previous year.  They stated that passengers have a one in 1,205 shot of meeting a drunk, aggressive, or disruptive passenger on their flight. Recently, CNN reported on three Spirit Airlines passengers, who after taking a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles filed personal injury lawsuits against the airline claiming that the carrier provided excessive alcohol to other passengers, thereby failing to protect them from injury. In personal injury cases, there are three primary factors that come into play: Liability – whether the defendant (Spirit Airlines) was at fault The amount of damages The defendant’s ability to pay The main point of this case...

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