Social host liability - hosts held responsible for underage drinkers

What is the Social Host Liability for Underage Drinkers?

Football season is just around the corner. Are you planning on hosting a party to cheer on your favorite college or NFL team? If there will be alcoholic beverages consumed, make no mistake, you as a host/hostess can be held liable for underage drinkers consuming alcohol under your “watch”. Know the law and protect yourself and others. Children Can Legally Drink with Parents In the state of Ohio, parents are provided a certain amount of control over whether or not their child is allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage. However, be careful. Under Ohio Revised Code Title XLIII. Liquor § 4301.69 (B) this only applies to your child when they are in your immediate presence: Parent/spouse/legal guardian can order alcohol for a child under the age of 21 in a restaurant, but must remain present while the child consumes the drink Parent/spouse/legal guardian can allow their child to drink...

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