Protect Teens from Themselves

Protecting Our Teens from Themselves

It’s a common sight today to see a teen bowed over their smart device while frantically typing/taking/posting pictures on social media channels, or posting text messages. Shaking our heads and asking them to “put it away” from time to time is not working. We as adults must engage to protect our teens from themselves. If we don’t, the potential consequences of destroyed self-confidence and/or a spiral into despair leading more and more young people to suicidal thoughts/attempts will continue to escalate. We must parent more to protect our teens from themselves. Know Who They Know “It’s better to know the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. This is still sound advice. When someone comes to the house to pick up a teen, we still (or usually) ask to meet them. Why don’t we do this for online friends who are digitally invited into our homes every day, and in some cases, literally any time of day via smart device/phone? Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not asking you as a parent to “follow” everyone your teen does on XYZ social media channel – that’s impossible! But I do mean to insist on access to their social media channels,...

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Teenage Suicide Claims More Lives than Active Shooters

All lives are precious. However, the most heart wrenching losses are undeniably the deaths of children. When it comes to our nation’s teenagers, the loss is very acute. Viewed on the cusp of adulthood, the future is bright, or at least it should be. However, teenage suicide is on the rise. The time to prevent these senseless deaths in America is NOW. The first step is to separate fact from fiction. Fact vs. Fiction It’s summer break for most teenagers right now, but before we know it the yellow buses will start appearing around town carrying our children to school. Since the Parkland school shooting, our youth has risen and begun to actively fight against violence in our nation’s schools. I for one commend these teenagers, who demand violence stop at their schools. However, it is important to note and discuss the fact that more teenage deaths are attributed to suicide than at the hands of an active school shooter. Fact The most up-to-date suicide statistics are from a comprehensive report by the CDC in 2015. Although there is no definitive data for suicide attempts, the CDC utilized data from emergency rooms throughout the United States for the report....

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