Situational Awareness

How to Enhance Your Situational Awareness

We live in an electronic world and while these devices provide us with wonderful and instant connections and information, there is a downside… constant distraction. Every day we see people walking down the street texting on their cell phone.  If they are distracted by looking at their phone, they are not watching where they are going and may run into someone, something, or worse. The term for paying attention or being present in the moment is called “situational awareness”.  If they are texting or otherwise distracted, they are not being situationally aware which can have serious consequences! Be Fully Present in Your Environment There are steps you can take to make sure you are situationally aware. The first step in achieving situational awareness is to be fully present in your environment. This means to make a conscious effort to be aware and to notice what is going on around you.  By choosing to be aware, you may be better equipped to handle a situation that might arise. One exercise you can do is to think of the worst-case scenario and what you would do if it should happen.  Engage all of your senses and imagine possible outcomes.  Mental preparation...

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