Positive Corporate Workplace Culture Starts with RESPECT

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Learn the Key to a Successful Company

Today’s positive workplace culture is the key to a successful and cohesive company with employees looking forward to coming to work. Teamwork is essential, and it’s necessary to recognize that each member is vital and unique. There are many specific aspects that you will learn from Tim Dimoff’s presentation:

  • Understand what is the essence of Teamwork
  • Understanding how RESPECT and how we communicate it on all levels is key
  • Understanding negative actions with bullying, disrespect, and confrontation can break down a company culture
  • Understand Aggressive and assertive behaviors have different results
  • Understanding reacting versus responding
  • Learn about Peace Language as an effective tool in the workplace

Mutual respect in the workplace is vital to let all employees know that they are valued for their achievements, abilities, and qualities. Being appreciated and treated respectfully helps to promote a positive work culture in which employees are fulfilled, loyal, engaged, and motivated to perform at their very best. This helps with employee and manager retention as well.

Making employees and managers feel valued and respected is essential to feel valued, appreciated, and satisfied at work. These are tips to create a positive work environment through programs and business practices:

  • Offer good compensation packages.
  • Provide meaningful work.
  • Prioritize a work-life balance for employees and managers.
  • Start an employee recognition program and celebrate employee achievements, milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays.
  • Offer professional development, learning opportunities, and ongoing training.
  • Hire internally. Make this know that job/career advancement is available.
  • Have performance pay or bonuses.
  • Make time for the team or schedule 1 to 1 meeting.
  • Host department or company events.
  • Do pulse surveys – ask for employee and manager feedback. Then, ask, acknowledge and act on feedback – this goes a long way.
  • Have an online praise portal. Share and acknowledge with the teams.

Positive Corporate Workplace Culture is an ongoing process. Creating a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace is vital for success. This isn’t a one-time project in your business plan; it’s relationship management.