Tim’s Talks Security – Current and Future Trends of Aggression, Active Shooter and Terrorism

Prevent and Mitigate Aggressive Behavior

Workplace aggression, Active Shooter Threats and Terrorist Attacks are increasing and a major concern in today’s rage-filled culture in our schools, businesses, and organizations. Active shooter and aggressive behavior situations are nearly everyday occurrences, and every type of environment needs to recognize red flags, learn how to prevent and mitigate these situations and prepare and educate everyone before the aggressive behavior takes place. This presentation will address the following:

  • Learn the current trends of aggression, active shooter and terrorism threatening America today
  • Learn the new and more effective prevention, responses and changes being incorporated.
  • Learn the primary motivations for violence, aggression, and terrorist acts
  • Identify the best practices to recognize and prevent all forms of aggression & violence
  • Learn about the threats from active shooters, aggressors, terrorists and the most common types of attacks and their potential future strategies