9 Real Estate Safety Tips Every Realtor Should Know

Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

The real estate market is competitive, with only the best marketers usually staying in business. Being a realtor often requires opening yourself up to perfect strangers, making you a target for criminals.

Here are nine tips to keep you safe at all times.

Real Estate Safety Tips

Becky Kline, a seasoned realtor, and I have a lot of great tips on staying safe, including the following:

  • Stay on your toes– Don’t be paranoid, be aware. Attackers don’t always look shady; sometimes, they will be well-dressed and even bring family or friends along with them.
  • The first visit is at the real estate office–Please make a copy of their identification and prequalification letter. Becky believes in giving a copy of the ID to a coworker while the client is still in the office, along with the showing itinerary.
  • Communicate with your colleagues– Tell someone where you are and tell them you will contact them once you finish each appointment. Or ask them to call you at a designated time and set the alarm on their phone. Also, create an emergency word or phrase. For example, you can use colors like Green for the all-clear, Yellow to let them know to stay aware, or Red to indicate an emergency (e.g., “It is in the Yellow folder”). Or you can use acronyms like “Have Evan Let out the Puppy (HELP).”
  • Develop an Open House plan – Bring a friend with you, make sure your cell phone is charged, be aware of items you can use for self-defense, and have the homeowner lock up all jewelry and valuables. Walk the house before prospective buyers arrive, be aware of all exits, make sure they are unlocked, and make sure that the doorways are clear of anything that could prevent you from making a quick escape.
  • Dress in a way that ensures your safety – Make sure that you are dressed to run and kick.
  • Ride alone – Never ride in your car with a client or go with a client in their car.
  • Learn how to defend yourself – Take self-defense classes.
  • For more tips, follow the National Association of Realtors Safety Action Items.

One Final Method

Timothy Dimoff is a renowned security expert that can have experience speaking to real estate agents about techniques to increase personal safety in a unique industry where working with “strangers” is a requirement.  Contact Tim call him at 330-730-3424 to schedule the Street Smarts for Real Estate Agents: Assault Prevention Through Awareness and Presence Tim’s Talk today!

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