Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

3 Steps to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

Here are some essential tips and tricks to remember to stay safe when traveling abroad. The best advice: hope for the best, plan for the worst. Research Plan Watch Research When deciding where to go for vacation, it’s important to invest a little time in finding out about the area of interest. Resort brochures are intended to entice and showcase facilities in the best possible light. It’s a good rule of thumb to look up the intended location through unbiased eyes. Check the US Department of State’s for travel advisories Look up the destination on reputable review sites (e.g., TripAdvisor, Fodor’s) Ask people in your network if they have traveled to the intended destination Search for regional travel scams Overall, the best research is gleaned from people who have traveled to the destination. Do not blindly book your destination after watching or reading carefully created marketing promotions. Those resources only show the location in the best possible light without showing the reality of the location. Plan Plan for the worst. It sounds kind of counterintuitive to be excited about your trip. However, it’s essential, so your trip does not become a nightmare. Know where the closest US Embassy is to...

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Don't be a Victim of Stalking

Protect Yourself Against Stalking and Cyberstalking

Anyone anywhere can be a victim of stalking. Male, female, young or old, stalkers target everyone and anyone. In many cases, victims know the stalker because the stalker is either a current or former partner. This is why 60% of victims do not report stalkers to the police. All stalkers are obsessed and delusional. Surprisingly, though, most stalkers are not mentally ill. Therefore, there are ways to protect against stalking. However, it’s essential first to understand the diverse types of stalkers and the reasoning behind their criminal behavior. 8 Different Types of Stalkers There are 7.5 million stalkers each year. Stalkers either know the victim intimately, as an acquaintance or may not know them all. Why someone becomes, a stalker varies from case to case. However, there are eight types of stalkers to look out for and protect yourself from. Love-Lost: jealous and possessive Resentful: paranoid, seeks revenge; this is the most dangerous type Predatory: plans attacks, usually a voyeur who wants sexual gratification Intimacy Seeker: delusional, believes the victim is in love with them Casual Acquaintance: delusional, thinks the person is meant for them. Stranger: the victim is picked at  random, wrong place at the wrong time Serial:...

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