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7 Cybersecurity Threats Every K-12 School Faces

Ransomware. DDoS. Phishing. Identify theft. Sadly, schools across the United States are becoming very familiar with these terms. Recent research indicates that K-12 institutions will have the highest rate of ransomware attacks of any industry in the coming years. For example, releasing sensitive student and teacher information can lead to identity theft. A hacker’s encryption of students’ grades and teachers’ lesson plans can lead to a loss of productivity (especially if they are not backed up) and thousands of taxpayer dollars being spent on replicating data that is gone. This is your opportunity to make cybersecurity a budget priority. Here are seven reasons why it’s important: Clickbait. The email may look legitimate, but unfortunately, it is not. A hyperlink that sends you to a malicious site is embedded in the text. This link has now taken down your school’s system. Solution: Ensure every employee has the highest email filter...

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Real Estate Cybercrime

Fight the Rise in Real Estate Cybercrime

One industry that has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals is the real estate business. Why? One reason, real estate is where substantial amounts of money are transacted every day. The second reason relates to the very nature of how the realtor conducts business, often over unsecured connections. To fight back, realtors must know the threats lurking in cyberspace and adopt preventative measures to protect themselves and their businesses from real estate cybercrime. Know the Online Security Threats As cybercriminals get more and more clever, it’s often hard to stay on top of the diverse types of online security threats that can hinder a realtor. As with most habits, without knowing that a behavior is “wrong” there is no way to prevent it. Realtors need to understand the different types of online threats that have the potential to hinder the real estate business on a day-to-day basis. These include: Spam...

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