Tim’s Talk Security- Active Shooter Prevention and Response

Everyone is a Potential First Responder

It is estimated that 54% of active shooter scenarios are over in less than five minutes. Safety Forces are no longer designated as the first responders, every potential victim should be educated and trained to be the real first responders in these crucial situations during Active Shooter incidents.

Timothy Dimoff’s presentation will explain how research/experience has caused a demand to “shift” Active Shooter Training from traditional “lockdown” only approach to a combination of, A.L.I.C.E, Homeland Security Training, and SACS Consulting Research with proven techniques from real life scenarios including:

  • How security assessments identify life threatening vulnerabilities
  • Prevention and preparedness scenarios
  • What can be done to reduce risk and increase survival rate
  • Training with proven options with emphases on survival
  • Learning techniques to delay/prevent the aggression and reduce risk