Dealing with Employee Threats

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Prevent, Confront and Reduce

Tim Dimoff’s presentation will provide participants with the knowledge and management tools to prevent, confront and reduce threats. In addition, this presentation will guide management on the proper steps to take when dealing with them.

  • Participants will understand the causes of the national increase in workplace employee threats.
  • Participants will understand the proper techniques for preventing employee threats and workplace employee aggression.
  • Participants will understand why employees do not report violence or harassment workplace incidents.
  • Participants will understand what the BIG Debate is.
  • Participants will understand the processes for Post Termination and Post Crisis Preparation.

Train employees and managers on identifying warning signs of violence that may include the following and report these signs within the business.

  • Excessive alcohol or drug use
  • Unexplained absenteeism or decline in job performance
  • Depression, withdrawal, or suicidal comments
  • Resistance to changes at work
  • Persistent complaining about unfair treatment
  • Violation of business policies
  • Emotional responses to criticism, mood swings
  • Trust issues and paranoid behavior

Policy for Workplace Issues

When employees and managers experience bullying, intimidation, threats, and other harassment at work, they’re forced to endure an offensive and hostile work environment that usually affects their job performance. Therefore, employers must create policies and procedures that encourage open communication to professionally, efficiently, and privately address any workplace complaints. Clear, firm and posted guidelines show your business commitment to preventing violence from occurring in the workplace. Make all employees and managers aware of the consequences for violating policies and make sure everyone has a current employee handbook with these policies.

Background Checks

Conducting background checks for new hires is a way to keep violent people out of your workplace. Be sure also to screen temporary employees also.

Records Management

Some organizations use a three-strike rule for threatening and aggressive behavior at work before dismissing an employee. This requires human resources and management to maintain detailed personnel records.

Education, Training, and Seminars

These sessions help to build confidence and awareness in the workplace. Training sessions must include understanding crisis response plans and everyone’s responsibilities.