6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Data Theft

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With more and more individuals returning to the office and some opting to stay home, how can you ultimately ensure your company’s proprietary data is protected? Learn about the six most vulnerable ways hackers can access competitive or sensitive information from your organization and what you can do to put a stop to it.

6 Data Vulnerabilities

  1. Printers– Does your printer require a security code? If not, you could be leaving confidential information out in the open. Implement a security code you change when employees exit your company and make sure no material is ever left in the printer area.
  2. Paper– Implement a shred-it-all policy. This will eliminate any potential problems and any confusion over what should or should not be shredded.
  3. Desks– Messy desks are easy pickings for prying eyes and could result in data theft. You may have cleaning crews in your office after hours and maintenance people who will take things off it without you realizing the data is gone.Having a clean desk policy ensures that all sensitive information is locked and stored correctly. Educate your employees not to keep sensitive data on their desks.
  4. Computers
    1. Make sure you constantly account for all computer equipment.
    2. Employees cannot leave their computers in their cars or out in the open.
    3. If your employees travel with them, they must keep them in their person or locked in the hotel safe.
    4. Have clear policies about the cloud and USB usage.
  1. Telecommuting –Airports, hotel lobbies, coworking locations, and coffee shops are prime areas for sensitive information to be stolen. Prying eyes sitting next to you can read the data on your screen. Educate your employees to be vigilant and aware of where they set up a workspace.Turn on logging for all company devices. Turn on VPN logs, server access, and auto-track what company databases each employee is using.

    When employees work from home, mandate that all company devices need to be powered off each night, activate and update Wi-Fi encryption and mandate more secure passwords.

  2. Departures – When employees leave, do automatic hardware shut-offs and change all system passwords to not take sensitive information with them.


Protecting your company data is a team effort with IT, HR, and the management team. In addition, it requires internal protocols to fend off external intrusions.

Taking steps to secure these vulnerabilities will go a long way towards protecting you and your business.

Need Help Addressing Data Theft in Your Company?

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