Bulletproof Backpacks are NOT the Answer

When it comes to protecting our kids, most parents are up for just about anything nowadays. I know the thought of putting your child on the bus and never seeing them again because there was an active shooter in the building that day, is every American parents’ nightmare. It’s a sad state of mind parents, grandparents and guardians must face with violence in our schools occurring again and again, but we need to be on guard and not be suckered into expensive, ineffective solutions. One such “solution” being hyped in the media right now is bulletproof backpacks. I for one, say, don’t bother: They will not stop bullets They aren’t effective protection They aren’t cost-effective Bullet-Resistant Not Bulletproof First and foremost, there is no such thing as a bulletproof backpack. Law enforcement doesn’t even have access to “bulletproof vests”. Members of the FBI, SWAT and other officers of the...

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active shooter, Potential Active Shooters

Who are Potential Active Shooters?

When addressing the ongoing incidents of active shooters in our schools, violence must stop at the door. Period. Prevention is key. It can take many forms: gun control, improving mental health services and the elimination of bullying in all shapes and forms. However, preventing someone from getting to the point where violence is their only course of action is the goal. That takes all of us, today. To meet this goal, we must get real and understand what drives someone to the point where violence against specific individuals and/or an institution becomes the only course of action. It’s not always mental illness, domestic problems or drugs. Just like I mentioned in my previous blog, Stopping the Lone Wolf, there are signs anyone intimately or peripherally can watch out for to stop a would-be attacker. But it is important to understand that active shooters do not fit any one profile....

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Lone Wolf Attacker

Stopping the Lone Wolf Attack

Active shooter incidents/domestic terrorist attacks carried out by an individual have become the rule, not the exception. These types of cases are often referred to as “lone wolf attacks”, and they are only accelerating in number. Here are the facts: There have been 98 lone wolf attacks between 1980 and 2013 45 of these cases have taken place since 9/11 Why can’t we prevent the lone wolf from attacking? Although these lone wolf attackers are not new perpetrators of violence against innocent people, warning signs are readily available in our technological world. But, first it is important to understand the behavioral characteristics of a potential lone wolf. Characteristics What came first, the chicken or the egg? Some lone wolf attackers are radicalized, but some are subject to mental illness that intensifies any type of perceived wrong or injustice they cling to as a trigger for violence. The important thing...

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