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Suicide is a Gun Issue

Did you know that according to data compiled by the CDC, there were 27,038 suicides by guns in 2022 according to the CDC? Mental Health or Gun Issue A person who is considering suicide might exhibit a change in attitude or behavior, such as speaking or moving with unusual speed or slowness.  In addition, the person might suddenly become less concerned about their appearance and exhibit dangerous or self-harmful behavior. In a firearm-related suicide, you must consider that person’s access to guns and why concerned family members or friends were not able to take action. ERPO, US Supreme Court,...

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Schedule Forward to Make Time for Networking

Schedule Backwards to Increase Networking Opportunities

In the fast-paced world of sales and marketing, networking isn’t just important—it’s essential. Yet, too often, networking becomes a when I have time activity rather than a strategic priority. For professionals aiming to excel, intentional and consistent networking should be a cornerstone of their strategy. Here’s why.  The Power of Connections The adage It’s not what you know, but who you know is true now more than ever. Networking isn’t just about meeting people; it’s about creating opportunities through those connections. In 2023, according to LinkedIn, 85% of jobs were filled through networking, underscoring its critical role in career...

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Employee Burnout can be Averted with Early Detection

Are you dealing with a once enthusiastic, high-functioning employee who now struggles with punctuality and job performance? If so, they may be experiencing employee burnout—a condition detrimental to individual productivity and overall office morale. Understanding Employee Burnout Burnout can spiral out of control like a smoldering flame if not addressed promptly. A recent report from Indeed found that employee burnout is rising: 52% of all workers feel burned out, up +9% from a pre-COVID survey. Employees of all ages and types are experiencing the impact of stress, fatigue, and mental health challenges. Furthermore, burnout leads to high healthcare costs, ranging from...

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Active Shooters in Our Schools

. In 2023, 38 school shootings resulted in injuries or deaths, a decrease from the 51 school shootings with similar outcomes in 2022, which was the highest number recorded since tracking began in 2018. A total of 63 people were killed or injured in these incidents, including 21 deaths (15 students or children and six school employees or adults) and 42 injuries. Moreover, from the 2000–01 to the 2021–22 school years, the United States witnessed 1,375 school shootings at public and private elementary and secondary schools, resulting in 515 deaths and 1,161 injuries. The 2021–22 school year saw the...

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Stopping Lone Wolf Attacks

Learn about the five concerning factors with this type of terrorism There has been a significant rise in individual, unaffiliated terrorist attackers, especially in Western countries. Data from the Global Terrorism Index indicates that the proportion of unaffiliated attacks has surged from under 5% in the mid-1970s to over 70% between 2014 and 2018. This increase reflects a decline in organized far-left political terrorism and a rise in far-right mass or spree shootings, often perpetrated by individuals who were self-radicalized or radicalized primarily via the internet rather than in-person contact with other far-right individuals or groups, according to Vision...

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Empower Our School Children to See Something, Say Something

Would it alarm you to know there has been a school shooting in almost every state this year? While many remained unreported in the national news because there were no deaths or injuries, guns were still involved, and shots were fired. While debates about gun control continue, one aspect that demands immediate attention is empowering students and school administrators to take proactive steps to ensure their safety....

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