Key to Success is to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

It’s the Little Things that Win and Keep Customers

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always get new customers and how they keep those same customers year after year?  It’s really not as complicated as you may think. The secret is good old common courtesy! Showing respect and genuine good will towards your customers goes a long way to assuring they will remain your loyal customers. Small Opportunities Translate Into Long-Term Customer Loyalty Have you ever tried to find a replacement part for something obscure? I have. It was the plastic covering on one of my thermostats. It fell off and someone in my family threw it away by mistake. I couldn’t find one in any hardware stores and I didn’t want to buy a whole new thermostat just for the plastic cover. I tried to find one by contacting heating and air conditioning companies. I asked company after company, to no avail. They all stated that they come across these covers all the time, so I left my business card asking them to follow up with me when they did. Fast forward to one year later and one of those businesses called me and told me they had a replacement cover for me. I...

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