Don't be a Victim of Stalking

Protect Yourself Against Stalking and Cyberstalking (Part 2)

Anyone can be a victim of stalking. As discussed in part 1, there are eight types of stalkers – love lost, resentful, predatory, intimacy seeker, casual acquaintance, stranger, serial and personal. The methods a stalker uses have evolved as technology has evolved. Today cyberstalking is the preferred method used by stalkers, and is even more common than physical harassment. Cyberstalking Cyberstalking occurs online, where the identity of the stalker can comfortably hide in cyberspace from the victim. An imbalanced person might use the Internet or other electronic means to harass, stalk or threaten an individual, group, or organization. They are often driven by feelings of inadequacy, revenge and unrequited love. 80% of Victims are Women Typical cyberstalkers include: Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse High school friend Someone you dated online A buyer or seller online (i.e. eBay) A random social media...

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