Schedule Forward to Make Time for Networking

Schedule Backwards to Increase Networking Opportunities

Everyone in business knows the importance of networking, but do we plan for it? For most, networking opportunities tend to be an “if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule” kind of situation. However, this complacent attitude toward face-to-face interaction with colleagues and potential clients could be the very thing keeping you from being truly successful in the business world.  Therefore, to reach the pinnacle of professional success, networking must be an intentional, ongoing activity – not something just done if time allows. It’s Who Someone Else Knows Ever heard the saying “The opposite of networking is NOT working”? This is true on so many levels. Even professions that thrive on individual manpower still require some degree of networking to achieve success. For example, take a computer programmer. The initial thought is that the tasks performed by these individuals are best accomplished by working alone, without interruption because...

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