Watch for Red Flags During the Interview

4 Keys You Must Know to Start Hiring Smarter (Part 2)

4 Keys You Must Know to Start Hiring Smarter (Part 1), reminds us that hiring is an ongoing process, and we need to be mindful of four keys to be successful. The first two keys to smart hiring are: Pillar 1 Understand the Cost of Poor Hiring Decisions Pillar 2 Learn Interview Basics The next keys to smart hiring focus on paying attention to the personality traits of the candidate and determining whether the candidate is a good fit for the company’s culture. 3rd and 4th Keys to Smart Hiring Pillar 3 Identify Red Flags Potential employees reveal underlying characteristics in their personalities with specific behaviors during the interview. These “red flags” provide insight into their work ethic, level of interest and whether the individual can be a team player within the organization. When interviewing look for these red flags: Resume errors; shows lack of attention to detail and/or a candidate who rushes through tasks Late for the interview; indicates issues with time management or lack of interest in the position Unprofessional appearance; indicates a lazy disposition that does not take the opportunity seriously Poor listening skills; shows inability to pay attention or lack of interest in the position...

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