Cultivating an Ethical Workforce

Cultivating and Keeping an Ethical Workforce

What does an unethical workplace look like? Your workplace could be full of unethical behavior and you may not even know it. Some signs include: A boss takes credit for work completed by an employee or a member of their team An employee calls in sick when they are completely healthy A colleague misrepresents a product to a customer to meet their sales quota If any of the above statements are true, you may be dealing with an unethical workplace.  Over time, these behaviors can lead to job firings, a chaotic workplace and a tarnished company reputation. The long-term effects and consequences of an unethical workplace environment can include a hostile workplace, conflicts of interest, misuse of the company’s internet, falsifying time and/or expense reports, lying to customers, workplace theft and corruption. A recent National Business Ethics Survey found: 60% of workplace misconduct involved someone with managerial authority, with 25% of this group being senior management 40% of workers said they had observed on-the-job misconduct that violated their employer’s rules 25% of the workplace reported what they saw 21% experienced retaliation for reporting what they witnessed There are ways to reverse this trend, keep your employees and get your...

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