active shooter, Potential Active Shooters

Who are Potential Active Shooters?

When addressing the ongoing incidents of active shooters in our schools, violence must stop at the door. Period. Prevention is key. It can take many forms: gun control, improving mental health services and the elimination of bullying in all shapes and forms. However, preventing someone from getting to the point where violence is their only course of action is the goal. That takes all of us, today. To meet this goal, we must get real and understand what drives someone to the point where violence against specific individuals and/or an institution becomes the only course of action. It’s not always mental illness, domestic problems or drugs. Just like I mentioned in my previous blog, Stopping the Lone Wolf, there are signs anyone intimately or peripherally can watch out for to stop a would-be attacker. But it is important to understand that active shooters do not fit any one profile....

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