Give Back to Achieve Success

Successful People Give Back

We’ve all heard the saying “it is better to give than receive”. But, when considering what truly makes someone successful in life, this saying is the foundation of real success. This is true for personal and professional success.

Do Good and Good Will Come to You

In a previous blog we discussed the Law of Attraction and the importance of “minding your mind”. In other words, if you think about failure, you will attract failure. The same can be said for giving back. If you want success in life, then you must help others to succeed. Sounds simple, right? The good news is that you will help your well-being and bolster your professional success.

Success is More than Wealth

People can achieve wealth and influence by putting people down, playing dirty and stepping on others to “get ahead” in life. However, make no mistake, these people do not end up “successful”. Why? Because success is NOT defined by wealth and influence only, but also by a well-rounded life where you like yourself and others like you in return.

These are very important aspects of life and should not be downplayed. Look at it this way, greed and power are strong emotions that fizzle and deplete the human condition if allowed to go unchecked. To thrive, you must like yourself and be welcomed into peer groups/society. Humans are social animals after all, who depend on community and other people for emotional health and support. Otherwise, it ends up being lonely “at the top” and what happens when things go wrong and you need the support/help of others? There won’t be a helping hand, that’s for sure.

Happy Me, Happy You and You…

If all you have that makes you successful is wealth and power, will you really enjoy it anyway if peers, colleagues and the random stranger hate and despise you? I don’t think so. Still not convinced? Show gratitude to a stranger today and note how you feel. Chances are you will feel good and the person you helped will feel good too, subconsciously causing them to “pay it forward”, making another person feel good, etc.

Giving back helps us realize a purposeful life that goes beyond just feeling warm and fuzzy; there are proven physical health benefits as well, including increased longevity according to a Forbes article.

From a professional viewpoint, giving back is often the key to moving forward toward goals because it provides opportunities to:

  • Form strong relationships with others
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence
  • Establish trust with others
  • Widen a network of colleagues
  • Uncover previously unknown collaboration/partnership opportunities
  • Develop insight into situations/areas not previously known

The most important thing to note is that you don’t have to be flush with cash to start giving back. But be sure to start the sooner the better, because giving back is a sure-fire way to attract good things and nurture a healthy, happy well-being at the same time. Now that’s a recipe for success, not just for you, but for everyone you encounter throughout life.

Learn the Secrets to Success

Timothy Dimoff’s presentation Habits of Exceptionally Successful People can help you gain insight into what it really takes to form lasting relationships through meaningful interactions with others. His life lessons applied with 40+ years’ experience in HR related topics help provide insight into the nuances of human interaction. After all, successful people are not born that way; they adopt habits that enable them to become that way. Contact Tim to schedule today!

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