Kindness is the Cornerstone for Personal and Business Success

Timothy Dimoff Kindness Matters

One of the most important things I have realized throughout my life has been kindness matters. It seems like such a simple, straightforward concept to grasp, but sadly, it is routinely forgotten in everyday interactions. Without kindness, you can have significant personal and professional problems. As the saying goes, “What comes around goes around.”

The Bingo Theory

My mother had a theory I coined “The Bingo Theory” (The YOU in Business, pg.25). It reinforces the Law of Attraction, which states, “what you think about you bring about.” My mother took this concept and applied it to winning at bingo.

This was her thought: whenever she won at bingo, she would share her winnings with her family. Why? She believed that if she gave a part of her winnings, it would not only bring joy to her loved ones, but she would continue to win. You know what? She was right! An act of kindness to her family brought increased success to her on a monetary/personal level. When I connected the dots, I realized she was onto something:

Being kind to others is a “win-win.”

Timothy Dimoff The Bingo Theory

Courage and Strength

Being friendly, generous, and considerate not only makes the recipient feel good; it makes you feel good. However, kind people are often overlooked as being weak or easily influenced. This is a misconception.

Kindness is an interpersonal skill that should be practiced and improved upon throughout your lifetime. Compassion starts with the simple gesture (saying Please/Thank You, holding open a door someone, etc.). However, to make an impact, kindness must be shown during stressful situations.

Acts of kindness that have the most impact are those acts that take courage and strength.

  • Opening your eyes and acting when someone is sad, upset, angry
  • Celebrating the success of someone else, where there is no benefit to you
  • Telling a hard truth to someone, but with thought and consideration

These are just a few examples of acts of kindness, taking courage and strength. Sometimes understanding in the professional world becomes the most challenging of all. We are raised to win after all, but we should always equally give back too. I am a firm believer:

It would be best if you gave back to your community on all levels to continue to benefit in the future.

Selfless Not Selfish

Throughout the years, I have tried to mentor other professionals who have asked for my help. This is where I learned that selfless interaction with other professionals brings much more than selfish communication. Don’t get me wrong; I want to be successful. However, what I have learned throughout the years is through selfless acts, I have achieved professional success (not to mention new friendships, peace of mind, and personal happiness). Why? There is no greater joy than being part of another person’s success story!

By showing professional kindness to others, I keep sharp, stay humble, and never forget my roots and the why for my actions.

Random Acts

Kindness to strangers is contagious. When you do pay someone you just met a compliment, take the time to tell the restaurant server how they made the meal that much better by their prompt, attentive actions or take the time to help someone carry something heavy/awkward, chances are you’ve made their day. In some instances, this is the act that can turn someone away from hopelessness, anger, or faith in humanity. Showing kindness demonstrates caring. Sometimes that’s all a person needs to know to carry on.

The best news of all, these random acts of kindness spur on other random acts of kindness again and again and again. Isn’t your day made when you receive, give or witness a random act of kindness? Mine is, without a doubt.

Being sensitive matters, not just for our well-being, but for everyone else’s too.

Learn How YOU Control Professional and Personal Success

Kindness matters. Tim Dimoff’s work with Values in Action Foundation, Project Love Program has given him a unique insight into the power kindness, caring, and respect in our schools, business, and communities. His presentations The YOU in Business, What You Need to Know for Personal and Professional Success and The Pursuit of Happiness: Is Not That Simple! Can help you realize the power of your actions to make a positive or negative impact on all aspects of your life. Contact Tim to schedule a presentation today!

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