Lessons Learned from a Bad Job

As the year winds down, it’s a logical time to reflect on what has happened throughout the last twelve months. If you’ve endured a bad job this past year, be assured your time has not been wasted! Consider it as time served in the school of hard knocks. Honeymoon is Over Often bad jobs were ideal jobs when advertised. Most people agree that bad jobs often start out good, with everyone within the office on their best behavior and the boss engaged and ready to help. Sometimes the switch to nightmare scenario is gradual, and sometimes it’s immediate. However, you are not alone; most people have experienced disillusionment in their professional life and became stronger because it. Some popular reasons a position does not end up as advertised: Hiring manager leaves or is fired Role was not established or clearly defined internally Coworkers are overly competitive with one another Collaboration is frowned upon Manager(s) dictate tasks and do not lead by example Overall, when a job is awful, it is due to a toxic work environment. Even the worst jobs out there can be tolerable if an organization has a positive work culture, where the employees feel supported, valued...

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Toxic Workforce

The Impact of a Toxic Workforce

Most of us spend the majority of our time at work. Hopefully that time is productive and positive, but what happens when it isn’t? Could your organization be a toxic environment? What defines a toxic work environment and how does it affect a company’s bottom line, its employees, and its productivity? A toxic workplace is simply defined as an unhealthy and damaging environment. Toxic behavior can be initiated at all levels in an organization, from top management on down. This can cause long term problems for employees ranging from personal health issues to more serious consequences: Individual Impact Decreased job satisfaction Physical problems; loss of sleep, increase / decrease of weight, high blood pressure Mental health problems; depression, paranoia Increased stress, potentially leading to violence Potential increased use of alcohol or drugs Toxic behavior not only hurts the employee, it undeniably extends to the organization: Organizational Impact Perpetuating behavior (one “rotten apple” can spoil the batch) Increased sick days High employee turnover Negative word-of-mouth Communication issues between management and employees The best way to address a toxic work environment and prevent these negative results is to identify the causes and behaviors that are behind it, and to remedy the...

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