4 Ideas for Keeping your Black Friday Fight-Free

Black Friday Fights

We all like to save money- it seems to be the way Americans do things nowadays. Black Friday shopping is a great way to save significant money all the while showing the  people you care about how much they mean to you.

There’s one big obstacle though; some individuals go to the extreme on Black Friday- there is even a website that counts Black Friday deaths and injuries. There are a few reasons that people can become so animalistic on Black Friday, I’m going to explain why, and give you some tips on how to control anger, stay safe, and make sure you get the special gifts you want this holiday season.

What’s wrong with People?

According to International Business Times (IBT) there are 3 reasons that Black Friday is so intense:

  1. There is a rush of dopamine into the brain when we find deals. It is anatomically pleasing for us to find the right product at the right price – especially when there is limited supply.
  2. Crowds get us excited because, from an evolutionary perspective, crowds = danger. Additionally, people copy the behavior of one another, which is why just a few people can turn a happy crowd into an angry mob.
  3. When people are in a crowd,  they get a narrow worldview focus. Generally, people have an overview of the world and are aware of most of their surroundings, but when they become excited, they hone in on what they are focusing on. This is why people can trample other people without even batting an eye- they are focused on that deal, and not aware of their immediate surroundings.

Keep The Frenzy Down

In order to stay safe, follow these tips:

  1. Decide beforehand how you will respond to varying situations. If you think there is potential for a stampede, or a fight- determine how you will respond. Are you going to simply follow the crowd in a stampede? Or make an effort to get out of the stampede? Is that item worth a fist fight and risk of legal repercussions? Or will you step down and let someone else have it? If you make these decisions beforehand, you will know how to act when the situation arises.
  2. Is there a similar deal online? Cyber Monday gives just as good of deals online as you can find in the store. Check the Cyber Monday deals and see if you can find something similarly priced? Even if it means you’ll have to pay $10 in shipping fees, it is well worth your safety.
  3. Always shop in groups of 2 adults or more. People who are willing to attack each other will stand down if they know there are more people on your side. This will deter criminals or just frenzied Black Friday shoppers. You will also have someone looking out for you if you get hurt in any way- they will be able to get someone from the store to help.
  4. Keep your cell phone in your pocket where you can feel it ring. You need to be able to contact your group if you split up for any reason. Also set up a meetup location in the event that you lose each other or the cellphone does not work.

I am hoping that one day we will have perfectly safe Black Fridays. I believe the number one way to make that happen is by disseminating as much information about being safe as possible. And now that you know this, share this post with your friends and family.

Life Rage Has Solutions to Black Friday Rage

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