Keeping Your Cool in the Skies

Air Rage

How to Ejoy a Stress-Free Flight

Air rage just might be the new road rage. The seats are small. Your legs are cramped. The baby two rows behind you has been crying for the past hour. And you still have four hours left of your flight. Its enough to set even the nicest person over the edge.

Air rage starts well before people board the plane. Booking a ticket can even be stressful. Prices can skyrocket in minutes, seats can sell out and families looking to sit together may be placed in different areas of the plane. Getting to the airport can cause some anxiety as well, especially if you are not a regular air traveler. Navigating the terminal, waiting in long lines getting through security and experiencing flight delays can put the most mild-mannered person on edge.

Air rage can cause a disruption of the flight, upsetting other passengers on the plane and in extreme cases the plane can be landed to remove the disruptful person. However, this stress can be avoided. Here are some solutions to make your flight as stress-free as possible.


  • Book your tickets as far in advance as possible.
    Especially if you are traveling with others, you have a better chance of booking seats next to each other. Also, the further in advance you book your flight, the less expensive your tickets should be. suggests that the best time to purchase your tickets at the best price is at least 47 days before your flight.
  • Google Maps is your friend.
    Don’t wait until the day of your flight to look up directions to the airport. Knowing your route and even an alternative route can save your sanity on the day of your flight.

    I would suggest visiting the airport before your flight if it isn’t too far away. Find the parking lot and the baggage check-in area while you aren’t under stress.
  • Double check the airline and airport policies.
    Find out how many bags you can check-in, what size your carry-on has to be and if there are any extra fees associated with your flight.

The Day of Your Flight

  • Make sure you get plenty of rest before your flight.
    Lack of sleep can make you irritable and stressed.
  • Get to the airport early.
    Remember anything can happen – an accident, poor weather conditions or even road closures to create anxiety. Getting there early helps prevent some of that anxiety and allows you time to have a cup of coffee and get to the gate in plenty of time.
  • Double check all your bags before leaving to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Keep your tickets and boarding passes in a safe place so they don’t get lost.
  • Don’t get on the plane hungry or thirsty.
    Hunger can make you edgy and unhappy. Grab a quick snack before boarding or find out if you will be offered a meal on the plane. Also, if you are traveling with children, make sure they are also well-fed before boarding. Bring water and protein bars with you. Remember, airplanes will dehydrate you – so bring and ask for water.

On The Plane

Remember, airplanes weren’t built for comfort. Everyone will essentially be in everyone’s personal space.

  • When traveling with children and you have a connecting flight, consider booking flights with longer layover times to allow children to use the restroom, eat a meal and stretch their legs. Bring your child’s favorite toy in your carry-on to keep them busy and entertained on the flight.
  • Avoid those who may be drinking or have taken medication to help them relax on their flight. Alcohol and pills can lower a person’s ability to think or act in an appropriate manner and they may exert physical violence. They may be further enraged by turbulence, someone bumping into them or the long line at the bathroom. It’s best to avoid confrontation with them and let the authorities handle it once you land.

Upon Landing

  • Be patient and wait your turn to get off the plane. The flight attendants will direct people off the plane in an orderly fashion. Make sure you have all your carry-ons and belongings (including children) before you exit the plane.
  • Make sure you thank the pilot and flight attendants as you depart.

Want More Information About Air Rage?

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