Video Game Rage

Is There a Proven Link Between Violent Video Games and Rage?

Does Video Game Rage Exist? A father in Texas is accused of killing his 2 year old daughter when she allegedly interrupted him while gaming. With disturbing news stories like this, it’s easy to see why there is an alarm going off for society to step back and take a look if there is a link between violent video games and rage. Source: The Washington Post Healthline states that there is a consistent relationship between violent video game use and aggression/rage. Specifically, video game rage decreases the following in the gamer: Prosocial behavior Empathy Sensitivity to aggression Is Game Violence Just the Bogeyman? It’s not a clear cut story of cause and effect. Since a driving simulation game called Death Race was pulled from an Illinois amusement park in 1976, the topic of video games causing rage has been a heated debate. According to The Guardian video game violence is a favored “bogeyman” for politicians, press and pressure groups, but definitive evidence is sorely lacking. In a 2011 supreme court ruling Brown v. Entertainment Merchant Association/Entertainment Software Association (ESA) states that there is no proof that violent video games causes teenagers to act aggressively. In fact, Dr. Vic Strasburger, a Pediatrics Emeritus at the...

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