When Anger Turns into Life Rage

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We have been living within the confines of the worldwide pandemic for one year now. Even though the hope of returning to our previous life is on the horizon, it will still be several months until everyone is vaccinated.

Many individuals are angry because they are isolated. They may have lost their job. They may have lost family members to COVID-19. Lastly, having their spouse and children all under one roof hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park.

But what happens when anger turns into rage, and what actions can you take today to prevent the latter?

Rage is furious, uncontrolled anger usually directed towards a person or group of people. It can arise from the smallest of incidents, turning a minor issue into a significant problem. Life Rage is based upon not one, but the build-up of multiple incidences that leads a person to a breaking point.

Here are the five common tipping points and what to do about them.

No Control Over Circumstances

The coronavirus has been the ultimate game-changer for life events. Perhaps you have lost your job or had to give up your position to stay home with your children. Your unemployment has run out, and you can’t pay your mortgage or rent. On top of this, you can’t see your parents in assistant living. Perhaps some of your family members have even died.

Coping Tip: Anger in these situations is understandable. The important thing is to identify, name, and talk about what you are angry about to your loved ones, a confident, or a medical professional. Stuffing your feelings will only cause more anger and resentment.

Financial Troubles

Credit card debt can be problematic, and if it isn’t addressed, interest rates and late fees can make it much worse.

Coping Tip: Call your financial institutions and see if you can work out a payment schedule that waives late fees, reduces your interest rate, and, if needed, your monthly payment. If they won’t budge or it isn’t enough to help, make a virtual appointment with a Credit Counseling Service to develop a plan that works for you.

Being Bullied

prevent workplace bullying, workplace bullying, stopping workplace bullyingIf you are experiencing workplace bullying or being bullied at school or home, chances are you will have a point where you will take violent action against the person or people who have violated you.

Coping Tip: If you are being bullied at work, be sure to document each encounter and report the incidents to your manager and HR. Since most individuals who experience bullying quit their job or are fired, you don’t want either to happen to you during this time. Request a FREE eBook, “The Dangers of Workplace Bullying,” and give it to your boss.


Many individuals have been experiencing this, especially those that live alone. Some have family far away or work from home now, so that days can blur together with no outside contact. This lack of connection can cause depression, leading to increased drug and alcohol abuse and even feelings of suicide.

Coping Tip: Stay connected with the ones you love through Zoom, FaceTime, email, phone, and writing letters. Send gifts to others and let them know you are thinking about them. A study by Scientific Reports states that spending two hours per week outside is good for your physical and mental health, and with warmer weather and longer days around the corner, it’s a perfect time to do so!


Hate crimes are fueled by racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, and conspiracy theories touted by political figures and organized groups, such as the Proud Boys. They blame political parties, religious groups, or races for their problems.

Coping Tip: Individuals are not born to be hateful or racist; this is something that their parents, family members, or friends teach them. Creating an environment of tolerance for differences is setting an example for your family. Read a book, listen to a podcast, or attend a webinar from someone who has lived a vastly different life than you have.

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