Black Friday – Go or Stay Home?

We all like to save money- it seems to be how Americans do things; this year is especially challenging with COVID-19. Black Friday has always been the hallmark of savings, where each store has their fantastic deals with only a certain number of them.

In 2020 the big obstacle is safety, so many stores have turned to virtual, online events.  However, some ardent shoppers want to pursue store deals, even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Black Friday is Intense

According to the International Business Times (IBT), there are three reasons that Black Friday is so intense:

  1. There is a rush of dopamine into the brain when we find deals. It is anatomically pleasing for us to find the right product at the right price – especially when there is a limited supply.
  2. Crowds get us excited because, from an evolutionary perspective, crowds = danger. Additionally, people copy one another’s behavior, which is why a few people can turn a happy group into an angry mob.
  3. When people are in a crowd,  they get a narrow worldview focus. Generally, people have an overview of the world and are aware of most of their surroundings, but they hone in on what they are focusing on when they become excited.

Keep The Frenzy Down

To stay safe, follow these tips:

  1. Decide beforehand how you will respond to varying situations. If you think there is potential for you to catch COVID-19, you want to understand each store’s policy and enforcement of CDC and Ohio guidelines. If you decide to go and you and another shopper want the same item, will you step down and have it? By making these decisions beforehand, you will know how to act when the situation arises.
  2. Is there a similar deal online? Chances are the answer is yes. If you aren’t celebrating the usual Thanksgiving event with extended family and friends, you will have time to compare and contrast offerings. If you wait for Cyber Monday might have the best deals of all.
  3. Go by yourself or only with people in your bubble. If you end up going by yourself in the middle of the night, keys in hand as you enter and leave the store. Let someone know the stores you are going to and the order you will visit them.
  4. Keep your smartphone in your pocket. Don’t answer your phone unless you are in your car, waiting in line outside, or inside the store. Criminals love distracted shoppers and can quickly come by to swipe your bags from you. 

Tim Dimoff Addresses Black Friday Concerns

Author Timothy A. Dimoff has additional, unique solutions to handle Black Friday encompassed in his book. If you would like to purchase Life Rage or have him speak to your group, please fill out the contact form.

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