cybersecurity threats, See Something, Say Something at School

Empower Our School Children to See Something, Say Something

Last week’s school shooting in Parkland, FL reminds us that mass killings in U.S. schools is out of control. Aside from the obvious need to control the purchase of weapons used for mass killing (e.g. AR-15), we need to provide our children, not the parents, with anonymous channels to actually “See Something, Say Something”. What’s Really Happening Unfortunately, most instances of #SeeSomethingSaySomething is school child to school child in the form of the natural ebb and flow of adolescent gossip. However, this is not effective. Except for the most recent shooting in Florida and a handful of other past...

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Driverless Commercial Trucks

Driverless Commercial Vehicles?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, it is safe to say that almost every American owns or has at least engaged in a sophisticated AI tool that mimics the human brain. When it comes to AI in the workplace, the implications are a bit more complicated. It’s one thing when AI is for personal use. It’s another when it’s used to augment the workplace. One area where AI is being actively applied is in the creation of the driverless vehicle. Built Upon Driver Assist Cars with driver assist features (i.e. self-park, brake,...

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Addicted to Smart Devices

Are Smart Devices Causing More Harm than Good?

There is no question that smart phone/devices make it easier to access information faster and also to reach one another 24/7/365. However, does all this handheld technology cause more harm than good? There is evidence to suggest that early childhood development is negatively impacted by excessive “screen time”. It can also impact our health, both physically and mentally. Impacts on Speech Whenever I see a toddler playing on their parent’s smartphone and/or tablet, I’m amazed. In fact, most kids can navigate an electronic device before they can speak a sentence. Is this a good thing though? Yes and no....

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Lessons Learned from a Bad Job

As the year winds down, it’s a logical time to reflect on what has happened throughout the last twelve months. If you’ve endured a bad job this past year, be assured your time has not been wasted! Consider it as time served in the school of hard knocks. Honeymoon is Over Often bad jobs were ideal jobs when advertised. Most people agree that bad jobs often start out good, with everyone within the office on their best behavior and the boss engaged and ready to help. Sometimes the switch to nightmare scenario is gradual, and sometimes it’s immediate. However,...

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Uninsured Mototrist

How to Address the Issue of Uninsured Motorists

As America prepares for one of the largest travel days of the year – the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – lawful drivers must beware of the uninsured driver. Although Ohio does not have one of the highest number of uninsured driver rates, the financial impact these illegal drivers present to insured drivers and Ohio residents in general is cause for action. Uninsured Driver Statistics The problem of the uninsured motorist is a runaway train that is NOT fair to all law-abiding citizens. Ohio has the 17th highest uninsured driver rate in the United States, equating to 13.5% of all Ohio...

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Domestic Terrorism

Terrorism vs. Domestic Terrorism, is There Really a Difference?

As the U.S. reels again from another mass killing on November 4th, 2017, this time in a church in Texas by one of our own, the issue of domestic terrorism is once again on everyone’s mind. So why are these individuals considered extremists and not terrorists in the eyes of the law? Terrorism is the act of intentional, indiscriminate violence carried out to create terror, or fear, to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim. In other words, terrorism requires an act to kill as many people as possible in the name of some belief. However, in the United...

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