Keys to Success

Interpersonal Habits Anyone Can Adopt for Success

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and eventually becomes a subconscious behavior. Habits can make or break you. Successful people know this and have cracked the code. They have learned that certain habitual behaviors can enable them to nourish their goals and turn those goals into achievements. However, true success is not measured by results alone. Remember the line in “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart – “A toast to my big brother George, the richest guy in town!”? Why was George rich? Not because of his monetary wealth, but because he was rich in friends. What enabled George to have so many friends? The interpersonal habits adopted by the character. Therefore, to be truly successful, you must adopt habits to nurture interpersonal relationships on many levels. In a previous blog we discussed the importance of active listening. Although being an active listener...

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Social host liability - hosts held responsible for underage drinkers

What is the Social Host Liability for Underage Drinkers?

Football season is just around the corner. Are you planning on hosting a party to cheer on your favorite college or NFL team? If there will be alcoholic beverages consumed, make no mistake, you as a host/hostess can be held liable for underage drinkers consuming alcohol under your “watch”. Know the law and protect yourself and others. Children Can Legally Drink with Parents In the state of Ohio, parents are provided a certain amount of control over whether or not their child is allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage. However, be careful. Under Ohio Revised Code Title XLIII. Liquor § 4301.69 (B) this only applies to your child when they are in your immediate presence: Parent/spouse/legal guardian can order alcohol for a child under the age of 21 in a restaurant, but must remain present while the child consumes the drink Parent/spouse/legal guardian can allow their child to drink...

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Travel Safety Tips for Women

Travel Safety for Business Women

Between 15% and 76% of women are targeted for physical/sexual violence during their lifetime. Women who travel for business are at a higher risk for the simple fact that they are out of their element and are more likely to signal vulnerability to potential attackers. Don’t become a victim when traveling. Be aware and act smart to avoid becoming part of the statistic. Learn how to minimize your appearance as a tourist/visitor and adopt proven techniques to increase personal safety. Environmental Awareness Violence can happen to anyone at anytime, as is demonstrated in everyday news stories throughout the United States and the world. When traveling to a new or unfamiliar place, the potential to become a victim of a crime is raised exponentially. This is why it is imperative to be aware of your surroundings as much as possible. Being aware of your surroundings or immediate environment is the...

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Real Estate Cybercrime

Fight the Rise in Real Estate Cybercrime

One industry that has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals is the real estate business. Why? One reason, real estate is where substantial amounts of money are transacted every day. The second reason relates to the very nature of how the realtor conducts business, often over unsecured connections. To fight back, realtors must know the threats lurking in cyberspace and adopt preventative measures to protect themselves and their businesses from real estate cybercrime. Know the Online Security Threats As cybercriminals get more and more clever, it’s often hard to stay on top of the diverse types of online security threats that can hinder a realtor. As with most habits, without knowing that a behavior is “wrong” there is no way to prevent it. Realtors need to understand the different types of online threats that have the potential to hinder the real estate business on a day-to-day basis. These include: Spam...

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Active Listener

Good Listener or Active Listener?

It’s a safe assumption that you think you are a good listener. Almost everyone does. The reality is that there is always room for improvement. The brutal truth is that we as humans get lazy and depend on canned answers and minimal involvement when it comes to communication with others. As communication becomes more and more abbreviated (i.e. texting shorthand and emoticons), the way to separate yourself from the pack is to be an active listener. Are You a Good Listener? There is a misconception that being silent, engaging with facial movements and verbal sounds and summing up what someone has just said is a sure way to be a good listener. It’s a start to be sure, but we’ve all gone through the motions as we think we are really listening to someone, but are actually thinking about something else entirely. Acting like a listener when you really...

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Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?

Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

This sounds like a trick question, but it is a matter of perspective. Traditionally people who “live to work” are considered workaholics and people who “work to live” are struggling to get by, and living paycheck to paycheck. However, these stereotypes aren’t always true. What is true is the need for balance in our busy American lives. It’s a Matter of Attitude Get up, get ready for work, go to work, work, come home from work, go to sleep, wake up and start all over again. For some Americans, this is a common way to describe life, day after day after day. This is a typical description of someone’s day who is “living to work”. This individual is consumed by work, with no time for personal happiness. This description can also be applied to someone who is “working to live”. These individuals seem to be running as fast as...

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expert witnesses, Timothy Dimoff

What Makes an Expert Witness Credible?

During legal proceedings, witnesses are often utilized to corroborate a story, provide insight into motive or provide professional expertise in a subject area. It is professional expertise that makes someone an expert witness. How credible or effective the expert becomes to the legal argument is directly related to proper documentation, and a clear well-written report. The Power of Opinion What an expert witness has that other witness do not have is the ability to share their opinion. If a witness is not declared or proven to be an “expert” witness then they are limited to first-person observation only (i.e. what they personally saw, heard etc.). However, to make their opinions count, expert witnesses must back up their words and insights with proof of their expertise. Documentation Must be Compelling It is essential to have a clear Curriculum Vitae (CV) accurately depicting the knowledge, skill, training, education and experience accumulated...

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