Video Game Rage

Is There a Proven Link Between Violent Video Games and Rage?

Does Video Game Rage Exist? A father in Texas is accused of killing his 2 year old daughter when she allegedly interrupted him while gaming. With disturbing news stories like this, it’s easy to see why there is an alarm going off for society to step back and take a look if there is a link between violent video games and rage. Source: The Washington Post Healthline states that there is a consistent relationship between violent video game use and aggression/rage. Specifically, video game rage decreases the following in the gamer: Prosocial behavior Empathy Sensitivity to aggression Is Game Violence Just the Bogeyman? It’s not a clear cut story of cause and effect. Since a driving simulation game called Death Race was pulled from an Illinois amusement park in 1976, the topic of video games causing rage has been a heated debate. According to...

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Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

9 Safety Tips to Practice in Real Estate

Real Estate Safety, What You Need to Know The real estate market is a competitive environment, only the best marketers usually stay in business. Becoming a real estate agent includes opening yourself up to perfect strangers. A lot of real estate agents will go door-to-door in their marketing process to make their names known to potential buyers and sellers. So it is not totally a surprise that real estate agents have become a target for criminals. Getting away with Murder (Almost) Andy VonStein was a man who really impacted his community, and one September day he was shot and killed by a man who had it out for him. Robert Grigleaitis lost his home due to a land contract deal gone wrong and it ended up costing him $80,000. Andy had nothing to do with this, but Grigleaitis blamed...

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Air Rage

Keeping Your Cool in the Skies

How to Ejoy a Stress-Free Flight Air rage just might be the new road rage. The seats are small. Your legs are cramped. The baby two rows behind you has been crying for the past hour. And you still have four hours left of your flight. Its enough to set even the nicest person over the edge. Air rage starts well before people board the plane. Booking a ticket can even be stressful. Prices can skyrocket in minutes, seats can sell out and families looking to sit together may be placed in different areas of the plane. Getting to the airport can cause some anxiety as well, especially if you are not a regular air traveler. Navigating the terminal, waiting in long lines getting through security and experiencing flight delays can put the most mild-mannered person on edge. Air...

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?

Your Rights and Responsibilities When an Employee Takes Drugs Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states and Washington DC. Therefore, it’s important to be familiar with the laws that have been passed in your state and devise drug policies that takes into account state and federal laws. With 86 percent of Americans supporting medical marijuana, an overly restrictive policy may mean you lose good employees. Marijuana, while still classified as a Schedule I drug without medical use, does have medical benefits, and a bipartisan bill to make medical marijuana legal on the federal level has been introduced in the Senate. What does this mean for your business? Should you tighten your policies on positive test results or do the reverse and loosen them? If you choose to have a zero-tolerance policy, how do you handle employee recreational use that...

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Mobile Device Policy

Are You Smart About Smart Device Usage in Your Office?

7 Points to Include in Your Mobile Device Policies Smart devices have become an important tool in today’s business. Simply defined, a smart device (or mobile device) is any electronic device generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols. As usage of these devices, including wearables like smart watches, is now widespread, it is essential for organizations to establish policies.  Analysts predict that by 2018, 25 per cent of corporate data will completely bypass perimeter security and flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud. Make sure your employees understand if and what data is being collected, processed and stored. One dilemma is what restrictions do you put on employees regarding using smartphones and mobile devices after hours for work, or even personal usage? Other major concerns include risk to and/or loss of data, security issues,...

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Data Theft

5 Ways to Protect Your Business and Sensitive Information from Prying Eyes

Data Theft can have Serious Repercussions for Your Company You work hard to build and secure your business, your sensitive documents, and information. Most likely you think your office is secure. Maybe you take precautions to mitigate risks, but there may be many fraud vulnerable areas you may have not thought of. Business takes place not only in your office, but also outside of your office in the mobile world. 5 Fraud Vulnerabilities 1. Printers – Does your printer require a security code? If not you could be leaving confidential information out in the open. Make sure no material is ever left at the printer area. 2. Non-secure wastepaper bins or recycling areas – Instill a “shred-all” policy. This will eliminate any potential problems as well as any confusion over what should or should not be shredded. It will also reduce your...

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Understanding Stalkers: What Every Employer Needs to Know

 The 8 Most Common Types of Stalkers Understanding stalkers is paramount to protecting your staff, visitors and to possibly preventing workplace violence. Stalkers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and every socioeconomic background. They have different reasons for stalking and will take different actions. Some harass their victims out of hate, or out of revenge for some real or imagined offense. Stalking can also be a means of protest. There have been several killings by stalkers at workplaces, after employees who have been fired returned to stalk and eventually kill those who have fired them. There is one thing all stalkers have in common: obsession and delusion. While there is no cookie cutter description, there are some general categories that stalkers can fit into, sometimes showing characteristics of several categories. By understanding a stalker’s...

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Active Shooter

Is Your Business Prepared for an Active Shooter

Adequate Protection Can Save Lives We live in a dangerous world and while we can’t eliminate every threat, we can boost our ability to recognize and prevent violence, learn how to respond better and faster, and learn how to speed up our recovery to these horrific incidents. As a business owner, manager, or employee this information and these skills are paramount to saving lives, including your own. Important facts to know regarding active threats include the number of perpetrators involved, the amount of planning and training the shooter(s) have, where the attacks are taking place and the type and number of weapons involved. These facts will help first responders and those being attacked or held hostage to defend themselves or deal with the situation. Each situation is different and each one is dangerous. What is an Active Shooter? The...

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Road Rage

Road Rage: Are we Just Accepting it as a Part of Life?

Road Rage, A Daily Occurrence On April 3, 2016 in Sacramento, California two road rage incidents occurred virtually at the same time according to The Sacramento Bee. One incident took place on Interstate 80 and the other took place at a local drive-thru. Both involved shootings that resulted in injury. The article went on to recap three other road rage incidents that had taken place in the Sacramento area within the last year. This leads me to pose the question; Has road rage just become a part of everyday life? The answer, unfortunately, seems to be yes.  Road Rage is On the Rise Fatal accidents caused by enraged drivers has increased nearly 10 fold since 2004 according to The National Traffic Safety Administration. In 2004, police attributed 26 fatal crashes on our nation’s highways to road rage or aggression. In 2013, the number increased to...

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Aggressive Behavior, High Profile Events, Timothy Dimoff

What Really Causes Life Rage

Is Life Rage Getting to You? What comes to mind when I say rage?   Rage is furious, uncontrolled anger usually directed towards a person or group of people. It can arise from the smallest of incidents, turning a minor issue into a major problem. Life rage is usually based upon not one, but the build up of multiple incidences that leads a person to a breaking point. So what is fueling all this life rage? Turns out, there are many causes that lead someone to this path. Competitiveness We all want to win, right? Being at the top gives you some authority over others and makes you feel in control. But when that power is threatened, life rage comes into play. Not having control over events in life, leads people to seek out ways to gain power again,...

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