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Empower Our School Children to See Something, Say Something

Would it alarm you to know there has been a school shooting in almost every state this year? While many remained unreported in the national news because there were no deaths or injuries, guns were still involved, and shots were fired. While debates about gun control continue, one aspect that demands immediate attention is empowering students and school administrators to take proactive steps to ensure their safety....

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Bulletproof Backpacks are NOT the Answer

When it comes to protecting our kids, most parents are up for just about anything nowadays. I know the thought of putting your child on the bus and never seeing them again because there was an active shooter in the building that day, is every American parents’ nightmare. It’s a sad state of mind parents, grandparents and guardians must face with violence in our schools occurring again and again, but we need to be on guard and not be suckered into expensive, ineffective solutions. One such “solution” being hyped in the media right now is bulletproof backpacks. I for...

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Does Banning Guns Really Stop Violence?

Does Banning Guns Really Minimize Violence in America?

Whether or not to ban guns in America is one of the most contested issues in the United States today. Before I get into this issue, I want to be clear, as a former Akron, Ohio police officer, I believe in the 2nd Amendment. To me the right to bear arms is a fundamental right for all United States citizens. However, my stance on this issue is not “black and white”. Consider the Viewpoint There is a lot of fear mongering and misrepresentation of the facts in our media today. Regarding mass shootings in America, the facts have been...

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