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Road Rage: 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Avoid It [Updated]

In Florida, two men exchanged words in at an intersection, pull into a nearby parking lot, get out of their cars, and start beating on each other. One man has a knife. He stabs the other man in the face several times, and the knife victim is rushed to the hospital. In Wisconsin, a woman is teaching her teenage son to drive. They have a minor car crash. The driver of the other vehicle shoots her to death. In Georgia, a man runs over another person he thought was throwing golf balls at his car. Unfortunately, incidents like this are reported to law enforcement every day. How can these incidents be avoided? Where did these cases go seriously wrong? Statistics are Alarming According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 80% of polled drivers express severe aggression, anger, or road rage at least once a year. Per NHTSA, 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. 37% of aggressive driving incidents involve firearms, according to AutoVantage. 5 Tips to Avoid Road Rage In my book Life Rage, I have several suggestions when dealing with the other guy, listed on Page 117-118. Here is a synopsis: Never pull over...

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The Dark Web

What is the Dark Web?

October is a cybersecurity month. When deciding what to write about, I recalled a surprising fact: Most people have not heard of the “dark web.” It is out there, though, and it’s essential to know where it resides and why it is considered “dark” in nature. Once you grasp an understanding of the dark web, there are things you can do to prevent becoming a victim of cybercrime. 3 Layers Down To understand what the dark web is, the first thing to know is there are mostly three layers to the world wide web (www): Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web 1. Surface Web This is the web the everyday person uses on their smart devices and personal computers. The sites accessed on the surface web have been indexed by DNS (domain name servers) web servers that provide specific pages to a web browser by resolving an alphanumeric web address (e.g., to the website’s actual IP address. This is, in reality, a 14 digit numeric location on a web server structured the following way “1111.2222.3333.44”. The easiest way to understand this concept is to understand what happens when you enter in directions in a car. When an address...

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Bulletproof Backpacks are NOT the Answer

When it comes to protecting our kids, most parents are up for just about anything nowadays. I know the thought of putting your child on the bus and never seeing them again because there was an active shooter in the building that day, is every American parents’ nightmare. It’s a sad state of mind parents, grandparents and guardians must face with violence in our schools occurring again and again, but we need to be on guard and not be suckered into expensive, ineffective solutions. One such “solution” being hyped in the media right now is bulletproof backpacks. I for one, say, don’t bother: They will not stop bullets They aren’t effective protection They aren’t cost-effective Bullet-Resistant Not Bulletproof First and foremost, there is no such thing as a bulletproof backpack. Law enforcement doesn’t even have access to “bulletproof vests”. Members of the FBI, SWAT and other officers of the law wear bullet-resistant protective wear made with Kevlar. This type of protective wear is effective when handguns or pistols are used. However, when it comes to resisting bullets from AK-variant semi-automatic rifles that were used during the most violent school shootings bullet-resistance is rendered useless. Cost Doesn’t Justify Utility These...

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Timothy Dimoff Kindness Matters

Kindness is the Cornerstone for Personal and Business Success

One of the most important things I have realized throughout my life has been kindness matters. It seems like such a simple, straightforward concept to grasp, but sadly, it is routinely forgotten in everyday interactions. Without kindness, you can have significant personal and professional problems. As the saying goes, “What comes around goes around.” The Bingo Theory My mother had a theory I coined “The Bingo Theory” (The YOU in Business, pg.25). It reinforces the Law of Attraction, which states, “what you think about you bring about.” My mother took this concept and applied it to winning at bingo. This was her thought: whenever she won at bingo, she would share her winnings with her family. Why? She believed that if she gave a part of her winnings, it would not only bring joy to her loved ones, but she would continue to win. You know what? She was right! An act of kindness to her family brought increased success to her on a monetary/personal level. When I connected the dots, I realized she was onto something: Being kind to others is a “win-win.” Courage and Strength Being friendly, generous, and considerate not only makes the recipient feel good;...

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Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

3 Steps to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

The recent deaths of American tourists in Dominican Republic resorts have left a lot of us asking: what should I do to keep safe during my next travel abroad? Although the reasons behind these tragic deaths are still unclear, there are some important tips and tricks to remember to stay safe when traveling abroad. The best advice: hope for the best, plan for the worst. Research Plan Watch Research When deciding where to go for vacation, it’s important to invest a little time finding out about the area of interest. Resort brochures are intended to entice and showcase facilities in the best possible light. It’s a good rule of thumb to look up the intended location through unbiased eyes. Check the US Department of State’s website for possible travel alerts/warnings Look up the destination on reputable “unbiased” review sites (e.g. TripAdvisor, Fodor’s) ASK people in your network if they have traveled to the intended destination Search for regional travel scams (e.g. the “gold ring scam” in Paris) Overall, the best research is gleaned from people who have traveled to the destination themselves. Do not blindly book your destination after watching/reading carefully created marketing promotions. Those resources only show the...

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Sexual Assault Awareness

How to Handle the Issue of Sexual Assault

April is sexual assault awareness month. Anyone, regardless of age, racial or cultural background, gender identity/ expression, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status are potential victims. Make no mistake, sexual violence happens when consent is not freely given. A Matter of Consent According to the CDC: More than 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 4 men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact at some point in their lives. Nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 38 men have experienced completed or attempted rape in their lifetimes. Why are the numbers so high? Because our society has accepted subconscious truths about what is and is not considered sexual assault for too long. To put it simply, sexual assault happens when there is a lack of consent. This encompasses instances where the victim is unable to give consent or was presented with a scenario where they could not “refuse” including: Victim’s age, illness, mental or physical disability Victim was asleep or unconscious Victim was too intoxicated (e.g., incapacitation, lack of consciousness, or lack of awareness) through their voluntary or involuntary use of alcohol or drugs Victim was threatened with violence via possession of guns or other non-bodily weapons...

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Beware of Tax Refund Fraud

Do You Know How to Protect Against Tax Refund Fraud?

It’s that time of year again, tax season. While citizens and corporations dread gathering up W2s, 1099s and various financial statements for filing, guess who is looking forward to it – tax scammers. They prey on our fear of an audit and the natural weight of “authority” any correspondence from the IRS instills in the American or corporate taxpayer. Don’t be fooled. Learn what to watch out for to detect a scam and protect your identity and/or the identity of your employees/clients. Types of Tax Fraud Aside from intentional fraud done by a corporation or individual, there are multiple types of tax fraud that are committed by outside parties. If not blocked or caught in time, a taxpayer can irrevocably be schemed out of their legally earned money. According to Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there were approximately $46 million claimed in fraudulent refunds during the 2018 filing season. There were also 2,204 confirmed falsified tax returns involving identity theft. To ensure an individual taxpayer or business does not become a victim of tax refund fraud, be aware of the following methods utilized to commit tax fraud: Fake calls from the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) “Ghost” tax return preparer “Tax...

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Employment Civil Lawsuits

How to be Mindful of Protected Classes in the Workplace

Today, employment related civil lawsuits account for a quarter of all civil lawsuits. According to HR Specialist: Employment Law, employers lose 60% of these types of cases. With the typical award around $500,000, the company’s bottom line is hit. However, another crucial area that is negatively impacted is the company culture. Who wants to work for or do business with an organization that practices discrimination? Eventually, no one. The solution: Minimize employment related civil lawsuits by being mindful of protected classes in the workplace. Protected Classes Lawsuits filed against businesses by employees are usually based on allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. From hiring to firing, the way an employer interacts with candidates for hire and employees should not discriminatory of a protected class based upon: Race Color Religion Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation) National origin Age (40 or older) Disability Genetic information The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) further extends the protection for people who: Complain about discrimination File a charge of discrimination Participate in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit Protected classes are also state specific. For example, in the state of Ohio, ancestry is protected, so employers should know specific...

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Watch Our for Signs of Gas Station Pump Skimming

How to Protect Yourself from ATM and Gas Station Pump Skimming   

The holidays are a busy time of year where a lot of money changes hands and consumers become unwitting targets of all types of fraud. How about when you are getting cash out of the ATM or filling up your car on the way to Grandma’s house? These are perfect opportunities for thieves to remotely steal your hard-earned cash, often without your knowledge until way after the fact. In this blog, we will discuss what point of sale “skimming” is and how to protect yourself from it this season. What is Skimming? Ever heard of “skimming off the top”? This describes exactly what point of sale (POS) skimming scams are in today’s electronic world. This type of theft occurs during legitimate transactions on POS systems where debit and credit cards are used on outdoor devices. Credit card information is “skimmed off the top” during the transaction, providing a quick score on your hard-earned money. The most popular locations for skimming scams are ATMs and gas stations. Why? Because these POS systems are often unobserved by employees, which leaves the credit card systems vulnerable to scammers who tamper with the card readers. These are popular with criminals because the skimmers are...

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Organized Retail Crime

What to Do About the Rise of Organized Retail Crime

We’ve all heard of shoplifting. This is a well-known retail crime that most brick and mortar stores have practices in place to prevent or watch out for daily. The items stolen are usually for personal consumption. However, there is a growing type of retail crime that has victimized 92% of companies surveyed by the National Retail Federation – called organized retail crime. Impacts All Organized retail crime (ORC) is defined as when items are stolen by groups of two or more people with the intent to resell it.  It can happen anywhere, no matter if the business resides in a large metropolitan city or a small rural town. The bad news is, ORC is on the rise. Businesses must be proactive and prevent this type of mass theft before it happens or be prepared to take massive losses. Types of Retail Crime When most people think of retail crime, they think of shoplifting. But that is usually done by a single person, stealing for themselves. When compared to the damage done by ORC, shoplifting is the least of a retail store’s problem. ORC is big business and can occur before merchandise makes it to a store. It usually presents...

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